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The Compleat Heretic's Guestbook Archive:
Volume 8 (16 Jun 2002 - 19 Oct 2002)

This page was last modified on 14 August 2012.

NOTE WELL: The entries in this guestbook reflect only the views of the individual signatories. As I
welcome any comments my visitors may wish to offer, I must insist that you refrain from any activity
that could be considered harassment of my guests. Of course, I reckon you can make your own entry.

BCW wrote on 19 October 2002, 21:07:46 EDT
My URL: http://www.newfalcon.com/author_articles/wallace_transmissions_a.htm
How did you find me?: overture.com
Do you like my site?: Yup
Will you visit again?: Definitely
Do you think I'm insane?: pleasantly so

fight the bigots always!

James wrote on 19 October 2002, 05:52:18 EDT
My E-mail:
My URL: http://hometown.aol.com/jamesa/myhomepage/profile.html
My Location (City, State, etc.): AZ
How did you find me?: Surfin
Do you like my site?: yes
Will you visit again?: yes
Will you recommend site to others?: yes
Do you think I'm insane?: No, but a little needy

Hello. I believe Amazon.com is acting in an execution of great social irresponsibility. They are in my opinion perpetuating a negligence so harmful it borders on being an ally to criminal activity. I consider Amazon.com to be propagating and therefore contributing to the potential sexual exploitation, rape, and molestation of children by offering a book on adult-on-child sexual relationships. It is titled, "Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers." In fact, on the Amazon.com site, self-described boy lovers and pedophiles offer positive reviews of the book, saying it "attempt[s] to shed the positive aspects of a healthy boy/male relationship." This is advocating pedophilia. Amazon is also selling a North American Man/Boy Love Association tome titled "Loving Boys." Additionally there are other recommended titles. I would like to invite you to BOYCOTT AMAZON.COM and urge others to do the same and to only buy products from socially responsible companies. I will be moving my business to Barnes & Noble who do not stock the books in question. I have searched the B & N site and although they have an overview of the NAMBLA book for reference, they themselves do not sell it. Also please contact the implicated party and voice your own opinion about this book being offered at feedback@amazon.com. Please join me in forwarding this information as far and wide as possible. For additional information: WorldNetDaily: Amazon defends sale of pedophile book.

Webmaster's Response:
This entry was edited for clarity and ease of reading. The original post was identical to the "Boycott Amazon.com" section on James's AOL profile linked above. I don't usually allow others to use my guestbook as a soapbox, but I'll make an exception in this case as I generally agree with James on this issue.
-- The Compleat Heretic

Jim Newman wrote on 14 October 2002, 17:48:53 EDT
My E-mail: kg4tri@hotmail.com
My Location (City, State, etc.): Anywhere
How did you find me?: serfing
Do you like my site?: from what Iv seen yes
Will you visit again?: Yes
Will you recommend site to others?: Yes
Do you think I'm insane?: everyone is

I v only see part of the site I think it is interesting I will come back to it from time to time to chack it out more

Helmut wrote on 12 October 2002, 09:33:09 EDT
My URL: http://mitglied.lycos.de/myhome24/
My Location (City, State, etc.): Germany
How did you find me?: google
Do you like my site?: yes

Your website is great and very usefull. I'm bookmarked it. Keep up the good resources. Best greetings from Germany - Helmut

EMMA LAGOS wrote on 10 October 2002, 19:45:48 EDT
My E-mail: emma_love_kiss@lycos.com

[No commentary was offered by signer. -- The Compleat Heretic]

rfgdxm wrote on 10 September 2002, 15:01:13 EDT
My E-mail:
My URL: http://www.dextromethorphan.ws
Do you like my site?: yes
Will you recommend site to others?: yes
Do you think I'm insane?: maybe ;)

An atheist who is a Republican? Aren't you risking getting thrown out of the Party for admitting it? ;)

Webmaster's Response:
Last time I checked, there was no religious test for being a Republican, so clearly atheists are allowed.
-- The Compleat Heretic

Saumya wrote on 5 September 2002, 14:00:37 EDT
My E-mail: saumyakantharia@yahoo.com
My Location (City, State, etc.): Kuala Lumpur
How did you find me?: Internet
Do you like my site?: Yeeh nicely prepared and maintained
Will you visit again?: Sure
Will you recommend site to others?: Yeah for looking the things from other angle
Do you think I'm insane?: No

The statement, "God exists," is a precisely stated proposition. So, it has to be either true or false. There is no inbetween stance. One cannot affirm logically both the existence and nonexistence of God. You being an atheist states that God does not exist, the theist affirms just as clearly that God does, the agnostic laments that there is not enough evidence to make a decision on the statemen and the skeptic doubts about the certanity of His existence. Well, I am Hindu and believe in the existence of God in toto however, respect others belief. I request you to look at the daily events and take the holistic views...sometimes, look at the dark sky and try to figure out the accuracy of stars, planets.....Well, I am sure you must be well versed with the traditional arguments of the law of causality and creator of cosmos. Apart from all the universe exist and its real as well. Do not you think that there has to be ALL MIGHTY GOD to control this.....? I suggest that whenever you find time please read "Bhagwat Gita", you may find this at any ISCKON temple....read for the sake of if not more....Good luck mate.... Saumya, Sept.05 2002, Kuala Lumpur.

Jerry Ray Williams wrote on 4 September 2002, 10:24:11 EDT
My E-mail: tongueray@sofnet.com
My URL: http://www.angelfire.com/empire/jerryw20020
My Location (City, State, etc.): Nevada Mo. 64772
How did you find me?: Inspiration
Do you like my site?: yes
Will you visit again?: yes
Will you recommend site to others?: Da?
Do you think I'm insane?: isn`t everybody

Im`m glad I found your site, I believe in the inspiration of Bible believers that get the word in their heart. For out of the heart cometh the abundance of living waters. My nane is Jerry and I`m not a sign I`m a living oracle and vessel of the living God. My purpose is to keep a contact with the firm foundations of the earth that faith may take hold and be ministered under my feet even as the streets of gold are paved in the heavenlies. Living waters came out of from underneath the ekiel`s porch in the old testement and gave life to everything that was dead. Well I might be a little short on the letter but it is the spirit that giveth life and the letter that killeth.

Daria D'Afflitto wrote on 2 September 2002, 23:02:41 EDT
My E-mail: bunnyrabit@yahoo.com
My Location (City, State, etc.): queensland
How did you find me?: I went into ask jeevs
Do you like my site?: no is was shit just joking it was a raelly good & informative if you have any other good sites could you e-mail them to me
Will you visit again?: no just joking i will if i need to do a project or somthing like that others: yes i will because it eas a good sit and i got turned in by it and i loved it very much
Do you think I'm insane?: no not at all

your site was really cool and i will visit it again and I want you

Fred Smith wrote on 2 September 2002, 12:16:15 EDT
My URL: http://www.friendsofpast.org
Do you like my site?: YES
Will you visit again?: YES
Will you recommend site to others?: YES

Separation of state and church wins against antiscience with NO help from 'American Atheists.'

Debra wrote on 21 August 2002, 12:35:38 EDT
My URL: http://babykiller.com
My Location (City, State, etc.): michigan usa
How did you find me?: google
Do you think I'm insane?: maybe

we need more peace sites out on the net. stop the bloodshed.

Jeanette M. Cathy wrote on 17 August 2002, 12:07:38 EDT
My E-mail:
My Location (City, State, etc.): Wolcott, NY

Wallace, I'm glad you had the old web-based email address that I still use. I changed servers and didn't notify any one that earthlink was cancelled. You can use jeanette@tefl.zzn.com or jeanette.cathy@verizon.net

Jay Fetterman wrote on 9 August 2002, 20:40:13 EDT
My E-mail:
Do you think I'm insane?: HELL YES!

Hey dude!

Webmaster's Response:
Though not a trained and certified mental health professional, Jay and I were stationed together in Germany for almost two years, most of that time separated by a common wall, so he has both personal knowledge of and a layman's firsthand insight into my insanity...
-- The Compleat Heretic

ConservativeGal wrote on 31 July 2002, 14:46:20 EDT
My E-mail: webmaster@thecitizensview.com
My URL: http://www.thecitizensview.com
My Location (City, State, etc.): Arkansas
How did you find me?: By accident
Do you like my site?: It's unusual
Will you visit again?: Nothing is ever certain
Will you recommend site to others?: just might
Do you think I'm insane?: no one is completely sane!

I found your site, and you to be very interesting...In that you are a Conservative atheist. You don't run across many like you too often! I am a christian conservative myself, but hey, to each their own huh! Anyways...

Ioanness Rhodos wrote on 22 July 2002, 13:45:04 EDT
My E-mail:
My Location (City, State, etc.): Knoxville Tennessee
Do you like my site?: NO
Will you visit again?: NO
Will you recommend site to others?: NO
Do you think I'm insane?: YES

Evolutionists A religion of mistakes & blunders. One which is the neanderthal man/apeman,Later to be prooven a man. & They call themselves scientist LOL.

Webmaster's Response:
Hmm, "Ioanness Rhodos," an apparent anti-evolutionist/Creationist, or what I refer to as a "Cretinist," obviously has nothing better to do than ejaculate his unmitigated ignorance in suspect web site guestbooks. Talk about not having a clue! Perhaps a more appropriate bogus username would have been "creationisthavntaclue."

This crank found my site, well actually the Guestbook, on a Google search for "creationist guestbook" in which the following result was #80:

The Compleat Heretic's Guestbook Archive: Volume 1 (23 Feb 1998 - ...
... Children, the purpose of a guestbook is to give visitors a chance to comment on ... Webmaster's Response: Oh my, I haven't had anyone try to pull that Creationist ...
And speaking of not having a clue, this Cretinist, as they are all wont to do, "disproves" biological evolution with a completely erroneous, read "fabricated," case of mistaken evolutionary theory. At no time was "neanderthal man" considered to be an "apeman." On the contrary, the Neanderthals have always been recognized as human beings, that is, genus Homo. The debate amongst scientists has always been whether they were a fellow subspecies of our common species (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis) or a separate species within our genus (Homo neanderthalensis).

And like all Cretinists, this vaunted evolutionary scholar is no doubt wantonly ignorant of the scientific method. Through observation and/or experimentation, scientists gather evidence, "facts" if you will, concerning whatever phenomenon they are researching. These facts are used to form an overarching explanation, a "theory" in scientific parlance, of the phenomenon in question. A scientific theory is a considered expression based on the best available evidence, not simple conjecture like its vernacular/Creationist namesake. As such, all scientific theories are subject to change given the introduction of new, better evidence. This is not a weakness and failing of science but rather its greatest strength and virtue and the reason for its success.

Understand that evolution is not a theory; evolution is a fact; species change over time. The observations of both Charles Darwin during his tenure as naturalist onboard the HMS Beagle in the 1830s and Alfred Russel Wallace similarly employed in Indonesia in the 1850s independently led them to discover "natural selection" as the primary force propelling biological evolution. In the expression "Darwin's Theory of Evolution," "Evolution" is not the theory, but rather, "Darwin's Theory" to explain the fact of evolution is Natural Selection. The Theory of Natural Selection has withstood over 140 years of scientific scrutiny and continues to serve as a launching pad for fervent scientific research and discussion.

If you're looking for an actual "religion of mistakes & blunders," you have only to seek out "'Scientific' Creationism" which is "scientific" in name only. Unlike the considerable scientific evidence amassed to explain evolution, the only "evidence" and "proof" the Cretinists can offer for their position are obfuscation, deception, and a quaint belief in a 5,000-year-old creation myth. (Actually "myths" would be more accurate as there are two separate, distinct accounts in Genesis.)

The Cretinists commit the logical fallacy of false alternatives by presenting Creation and Evolution as the only, mutually exclusive explanations for the existence of life; that is, only one can be true, so if one can be proven false, then the other must be true. (Also, they refer to these explanations as "models" which is a tacit admission that they don't have a proper scientific "Theory of Creation.") Instead of presenting evidence for Creation, they attack the abundant evidence for Evolution in order to raise doubts about Evolution itself. Having satisfied themselves in "refuting" the evidence for Evolution, they basically declare that Evolution is false, therefore Creation must be true. Of course, at no time in this disingenuous exercise has any evidence for Creation been subjected to similar refutation, much less offered.

They also have an overweening bad habit of quoting evolutionists out of context to make it appear that even the evolutionists don't believe in evolution. The point being if even the advocates of the theory don't believe in it, then no one should believe in it. This exercise is not only intellectually dishonest, but just plain silly; by definition, evolutionists believe in evolution!

Philosophy basically has ceded Metaphysics, the study of what exists and its nature, to Science; the time is long past for Religion to do the same. And as long as its darkness reigns, this atheist will illuminate Religion's errors and lies.
-- The Compleat Heretic

Doris W. Wallace wrote on 17 July 2002, 00:13:16 EDT
My E-mail: DEW6162@worldnet.att.net
My Location (City, State, etc.): Winston-Salem, NC
How did you find me?: Mother knows
Do you like my site?: Very Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Will you recommend site to others?: Certainly
Do you think I'm insane?: Not at all

I think you're brilliant, but you need a good home cooked meal. Come on over and I'll cook you some good pork chops and gravy with brown rice and green beans. I'm expecting you. Your Mother

Webmaster's Response:
Mmmmmmm, pork chops. Uh-huh-huhhhhhh.
-- The Compleat Heretic

Kat wrote on 21 June 2002, 20:08:12 EDT
My E-mail: Kat@teamartail.com
My URL: http://www.dream-sea.gq.nu
My Location (City, State, etc.): Texas, USA
How did you find me?: RightGrrl
Do you like my site?: sure
Will you visit again?: If I do, then I will.
Will you recommend site to others?: perhaps
Do you think I'm insane?: you could be worse

Wow, funny a 17 year old Christian girl stumbles onto a site like this. It's interesting and certainly unique, and I share many of your opinions.

Paul Berge wrote on 20 June 2002, 12:21:39 EDT
My E-mail:
My URL: http://www.geocities.com/pwberge
My Location (City, State, etc.): Wisconsin, USA
How did you find me?: Google
Will you visit again?: Sure
Do you think I'm insane?: You AREN'T Napoleon?

Actually, all I wanted to say was that this Marty Lineberry left the exact same message in my guest book as yours. (He's the guy that can't tell the difference between adultery and bestiality.)

Webmaster's Response:
Oh, great, now Marty Lineberry's trollistry is drawing homosexuals to my site, not that they weren't finding it on their own. Thanks for visiting my guestbook all the same. You apparently read my response to Mr. Lineberry which suggests that you, unlike ol' bible-thumping Marty, have some idea of from where I'm coming. Even so, I was disappointed that you didn't follow the links to my "homophobic" writings.
-- The Compleat Heretic

Green Fairy wrote on 19 June 2002, 09:14:26 EDT
My E-mail:
My URL: http://www.greenfairy.com
My Location (City, State, etc.): London, UK
How did you find me?: Google [on "militant abortion" -- The Compleat Heretic]
Do you like my site?: I like it in so much as it has amused me greatly - whether or not that consitutes an appropriate answer to that question is up to you.
Will you visit again?: Oh yes.
Will you recommend site to others?: You can be sure of it.
Do you think I'm insane?: Well, the porridge-coloured background doesn't help your case.

Oh ho ho ho...

Webmaster's Response:
Howdy, "Green Fairy," thanks for visiting; glad to see you "enjoyed" my "patriarchal rebuke of militant pro-abortion 'grrrls'" from my Websurfing Safari: Rightgrrl!: Volume 2 (1999) and some of my other abortion-related writings. Too bad you didn't visit my pro-life web site, Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League; no doubt you'd find that to be quite a hoot as well!
-- The Compleat Heretic

Ken Hughes wrote on 16 June 2002, 02:16:56 EDT
My E-mail: kdhughes@attbi.com
My URL: http://www.deltamarineozone.com (My company)
My Location (City, State, etc.): Fort Lauderdale, Florida
How did you find me?: Google web seach for "Graves Kaserne Aschaffenburg"
Do you like my site?: Sho' 'nuff do
Will you visit again?: Of course
Will you recommend site to others?: Naturally
Do you think I'm insane?: No, quite the opposite in fact.

I am just another NC atheist who had to get out of town as the 125 churches in my hometown of Eden, North Carolina were making me develop homicidal tendencies. Having to listen to the town's many bible-thumpers whom I had no choice but endure was another of the main causes. I am impressed that you saw the light, most in NC would say "fell into the darkness," so young, and acted on it. Good show! I think I was born a skeptic although I was not even aware of the term until much later in life. I knew from the first that the "Tooth Fairy" bit was bunk and the quarter came from my mom. I was born in '44, and a quarter was big money for a kid in the late '40s and early '50s, so I played along for the cash. That made me wonder about all the other things I could not see, taste, touch, smell or hear that I was also led to believe existed. At a very tender age I had heated arguements with cousins about Santa whom I maintained was all bunk as soon as I stopped and considered the logistics involved. Being dragged into a Baptist church until I was old enough to successfully resist was typical I suppose for many kids in NC. However, if NC is the bible belt, then Eden must surely be the buckle thereof and they try very hard indeed to live up to the new name. I would have voted for "LSD" after Leaksville, Spray, and Draper merged in '67, but I was out of town. I was even baptised at about ten, but never went back to the King's Memorial Baptist Church much after that embarrassing episode in front of the amen section. Hey, at least I was not a Catholic Altar Boy.

Keep up the good work, we need more sites like yours. By the way, from reading through your philosophy, I find that we are pretty much in line. However, the by and large born-again Republican Party embarrassed me so much I am now registered as an Independent, and I never was registered as a Democrat, even in Eden.


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