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The Compleat Heretic's Guestbook Archive:
Volume 22 (20 Feb 2007 - 30 Aug 2007)

This page was last modified on 14 November 2012.

NOTE WELL: The entries in this guestbook reflect only the views of the individual signatories. As I
welcome any comments my visitors may wish to offer, I must insist that you refrain from any activity
that could be considered harassment of my guests. Of course, I reckon you can make your own entry.

raven13star wrote on 30 August 2007, 13:15:36 EDT

good site

Sandra James wrote on 17 August 2007, 23:05:45 EDT
My E-mail:
My Location (City, State, etc.): New York

First time here on your site. I am delighted to find your wonderful website.

Jessica York wrote on 16 August 2007, 23:22:24 EDT
My E-mail:

I am very impressed how you can build webpages!

Mole bot wrote on 4 August 2007, 21:01:02 EDT
My E-mail:
My Location (City, State, etc.): Texas
How did you find me?: googled
Do you like my site?: not really
Will you visit again?: possibly
Will you recommend site to others?: hmm... if I'm high
Do you think I'm insane?: no just a hypocrite

You've spent a lot of time bashing President Clinton (yes..PRESIDENT CLINTON....show some respect for the office-- regardless of what you think of the man...isn't that what you military hypocrites always spout when it suits you?)

How is it that you haven't spent the same amount of time bashing President Bush? He has taken the Republican party down the worst path ... well..EVER. Not even in the worst days of President Reagan's cesspool of a presidency (Ollie North was no American hero, or a scapegoat-- he circumvented the will of Congress..he is a criminal) did I ever think the party could sink so low.

President Bush handed the party over to the lunatic Christian right, he is now involved in what is basically nation building (didn't your ilk completely bash Clinton for suggesting that in other situations?), and what about that President Bush actually was more of a dodger than President Clinton...AND was a coke head?

Why oh why do you not bash him? A man who in 5 years has undone many of the tenets of Goldwater conservatism, of William F. Buckley rationalism and Kissinger diplomacy?

WHY? Because sir... you are a hypocrite...one who wears the American flag and what it stands for , when it suits his current political and ideological bent.

Webmaster's Response:
Hmm, "Mole bot" is apparently suffering from an acute case of Bush Derangement Syndrome...

And I rather doubt he really has any concern for the well-being of either the Republican Party or the American conservative movement.

Indeed, I have "spent a lot of time bashing President Clinton" which is to be expected as I have always opposed the lying, degenerate bastard. On the other hand and as expected, I "haven't spent the same amount of time bashing President Bush" because I generally support him.

Finally, I'm at a loss as to how I'm a "military hypocrite" as I am an honorably discharged veteran.

-- The Compleat Heretic

[dextor_xi] wrote on 30 July 2007, 12:45:07 EDT
My E-mail:
My Location (City, State, etc.): Moscow

Very nice point of view! Respect!

Steve C. Park wrote on 14 July 2007, 20:57:40 EDT

Lots of interesting stuff on your site - keep up the good work.

sveta de noir wrote on 4 July 2007, 17:53:55 EDT
My Location (City, State, etc.): neu yorke citie

Fascinating site and well worth the visit. I will be back.

Britney Billings wrote on 2 July 2007, 17:23:01 EDT

Pretty nice site. I want to see much more of it. Thanks for making this valuable information available to the public.

Helga wrote on 16 June 2007, 08:49:55 EDT

Nice... I really like your site. Good job man!

Mai Yandecks wrote on 14 June 2007, 22:31:01 EDT

Very good web site! Great work!! And thank you for your service!!!

Ashley wrote on 13 June 2007, 15:14:39 EDT
My E-mail:
My Location (City, State, etc.): Brandon Florida
How did you find me?: Google
Do you like my site?: Not really
Will you visit again?: No
Will you recommend site to others?: Never
Do you think I'm insane?: Correct

Heretic? Good term. Your views are definately against the bible but thats not what I am writing this about for I am an atheist myself. I think your views are very provincial. Your situation was unfortunate and I am sympathetic to your experience but why condemn all for the acts of 2? A person can be a homosexual and be an upstanding citizen. So for you to critize all people is pretty unfair. Relationships in the military between same or different sexes of people all run the risk of being a problem. So should we ban heterosexuals too? I find too many holes in your theory to try to see your side. Sorry but I think your opinions are a little discriminatory. And most of all, your not a homosexual so you don't know what it is really like. Just because someone is a homosexual does NOT mean they want to sleep with you. Peace.

Webmaster's Response:
"Ashley" (whom I'm assuming is a female as explained below) found my essay on a Google search on "homosexual in the military" in which the following was result #1 of about 1,950,000 (Damn, I'm good, so very good!):

The Military's Ban Against Homosexuals Should Remain
Essay arguing against lifting ban on military service by open, practicing homosexuals based on personal experience of an enlisted soldier.
www.compleatheretic.com/pubs/essays/gayban2.html - 20k - Cached - Similar pages
And she apparently took the time (8 minutes, 25 seconds) to read my essay before commenting on it:
15:02:02 EDT   The Military's Ban Against Homosexuals Should Remain
15:10:27 EDT   Contact Page
15:10:31 EDT   Guestbook Central
15:10:34 EDT   Guestbook Form
Unfortunately, "Ashley" didn't bother to follow any of the hyperlinks within the essay to gain a deeper understanding of my position. She would have found that I do indeed have some idea of "what [being a homosexual] is really like" given my experience as an adolescent atheist in the Bible Belt which no doubt parallels the homosexual experience in many respects. Combining that with the fact that I once was what is now called an "ally," she would have realized that I'm not nearly so "very provincial" as she no doubt likes to imagine. If she was truly open-minded, she wouldn't dismiss my relating of a mind-changing practical experience as a "theory." If she was intellectually honest, she would realize that she was the one pushing a theory, the same theory I was forced to abandon when confronted with the real problems caused by the exercise of that theory. Finally, she might have learned why I came to oppose the normalization of homosexuality, but then that might lead her to question her ignorant, narrow-minded, bigoted stereotypes of people like me, and we simply can't have that.

And yes, heterosexual relationships between servicemembers and between servicemembers and civilians can be problematic. Young adults in their prime reproductive years are going to seek out one another instinctively even if their immediate goal isn't reproduction. In almost five years on active duty, I experienced only two "problems," and both were one-time incidents involving civilians. The first, when I was stationed in Germany, was downright hilarious, and the second, when I was stationed at Fort Lewis, was mildly disgusting in a pathetic sort of way. In each case, the "problem" was readily resolved within the unit command structure, and such incidents weren't replicated. All the same, these two incidents are not comparable to the situation related in my essay and elsewhere. My homosexual roommates not only violated military courtesy and protocol, but also Army Regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice, read Federal Law.

Finally, I assume "Ashley" is a female based on her naive view of male sexuality. Stripped down to their basic biological function, sexually mature males, regardless of sexual orientation, are nothing but inseminating machines. When encountering a member of the appropriate gender for the first time, a male immediately evaluates his/her physical attractiveness, read sexual desirability, hence suitability and potential as a lover. Instantaneously, a male reflexively and instinctively decides if he wants to have sex with him/her or not. Whether sex happens or not is a separate issue. For this reason alone, rooming males with homosexual males is just as problematic as rooming females with heterosexual males would be if it weren't prohibited.

-- Matt Wallace (AKA The Compleat Heretic), Sergeant, U.S. Army, Honorably Discharged

Verta Sprick wrote on 11 June 2007, 09:02:49 EDT

This Website is GREAT! I will recommend you to all my friends. I found so much useful things here. Thank you.

Sandy X wrote on 10 June 2007, 17:39:08 EDT
My Location (City, State, etc.): West Texas

Greetings! I was browsing and saw your wonderful and informative web site. I found it very interesting and used its great information. Thank you for the good work.

AL wrote on 8 May 2007, 23:49:57 EDT
My E-mail:
My Location (City, State, etc.): North Port, FL
How did you find me?: Google
Do you like my site?: Kinda
Will you visit again?: Yes

Oh my Zeus! I never thought that I would find an atheist with conservative views like myself. It makes me sick to my stomach when our fellow atheists express leftist socialist ideologies. They only contribute to the old stereotype that atheists are communists. Damn! At least there some good guys who won't sell our great secular values into the hands of leftist pro-abortion, anti-market, anti- 2nd Amendement bullshiters. Yeah, it also pisses me off when a fellow 'humanist' atheist say that is OK to kill an unborn baby. So much for Humanism. Shame on them! They are only disgrace to Humanism.

I totally hate it when some retarded socialist-type 'atheists' spread myths about 'evils of capitalism' and 'blessings of socialism'. WTF? Did they forgot about all horrible consequences of trying to impose socilist-collectivist ideology in former USSR, China, and N. Korea? Haven't they noticed that the most prosperous and rich countries on Earth are only those that embrace the ideas of individual liberty and free market?! They probably should brush up on history and current events as well!

I won't get on 2nd amendement stuff. It's obvious: whoever tries to restrict the right to bear arms is just a pacifist (pussyfist) retard who wants to deprive people's right to defend their Individual Liberty!

So, I ain't the only one who gets pissed off by leftist jihadists!

Keep on your good work! Thanks dude!

Valintino Guxxi wrote on 6 May 2007, 18:29:22 EDT
My E-mail:

Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi

JB wrote on 29 April 2007, 16:26:26 EDT
My URL: http://voice4freedom.blogspot.com
My Location (City, State, etc.): Laramie, Wyoming, USA
How did you find me?: web search
Do you like my site?: yes
Will you visit again?: maybe
Will you recommend site to others?: don't know yet
Do you think I'm insane?: less so than most

Good to know there's someone else out there sick of getting caught between the religious right and the anti-religious left. Liberals love to accuse me of fundamentalism as a way of trying to undermine my arguments, and it gets extremely tiresome...although I'll admit I always get some satisfaction from seeing their dumbfounded expressions when I tell them I've never been religious in the slightest.

Webmaster's Response:
I relate fully. When I started on the Web over ten years ago, searches on "conservative atheist" or "Republican atheist" generally turned up the sites of leftist atheists railing against conservatives and Republicans. As best I could tell, I was alone and Matt Wallace's The Compleat Heretic was unique. Fortunately,
other conservative atheists and agnostics have established their own outposts in cyberspace since then.

-- The Compleat Heretic

Kolopares wrote on 5 April 2007, 13:50:35 EDT
My E-mail:
My Location (City, State, etc.): Slovakia

Greetings! Wow! Good resources here! Enjoyed the visit! I simply mad about this forum! Forgive that beside You was little ed!

Ioannes wrote on 28 March 2007, 09:53:02 EDT
My Location (City, State, etc.): Greece
How did you find me?: google
Do you like my site?: yes
Will you visit again?: yes
Will you recommend site to others?: yes
Do you think I'm insane?: no

Very informative site.

Juan wrote on 24 March 2007, 22:33:26 EDT
My Location (City, State, etc.): Mexico

Very nice site. Bookmarked.

John T. Jernigan wrote on 22 March 2007, 23:07:45 EDT
My E-mail:
My Location (City, State, etc.): Lake City, FL
How did you find me?: On the pull-down, silly!
Do you like my site?: Seen worse.
Will you visit again?: Not until Tomorrow!
Will you recommend site to others?: Yep.
Do you think I'm insane?: Do brown cows make chocolate milk?

Nice beard! Like, you're getting right shaggy, my friend! OK, so what do you think about the troop surge in Iraq? Good or bad? Also, what Republican do you think has the best chance against Hilldebeast?

Webmaster's Response:
Yeah, that sort of thing happens when one doesn't put a razor to one's face for the better part of fifteen years. I marvel at how gray I've gotten!

The troop surge appears to be working as the "American" press isn't screeching about increasing violence, read "American casualties," in the escalating Shia/Sunni "civil war" which even the Iraqis don't see. I'm also amused that the same types who were whining that we didn't have enough troops to "win the peace" in 2003 are now opposed to deploying the troops required to correct that "mistake." Even worse, they're pushing a date-certain withdrawal of all U.S. troops regardless of the situation on the ground, a strategy guaranteed to "win the defeat" in 2008.

Ms. Rodham is the current favorite to win the 2008 Democrat presidential nomination, much can happen over the course of a year. Of the current slate of Republican candidates, Rudy Giuliani appears to be the strongest, but he may be carrying too much baggage. Even so, I suspect that the eventual Republican nominee isn't in the race yet. I continue to assert that Hillary is so divisive that any but the weakest Republican candidate can and will defeat her.

-- The Compleat Heretic

Gram Barnabi wrote on 20 March 2007, 14:24:10 EDT
My E-mail:
My Location (City, State, etc.): Valladolid, Spain

When I surf inet and forum like this I often see message like this:

[Sample SPAM links offered by signer deleted. -- The Compleat Heretic]

Let me know if you see my link here? If I do something wrong please let me know! Why people do this?

Webmaster's Response:
It's called spamming. The idea is to flood the Internet with links to the spammers' sites on as many pages as possible. The spammers think this will increase their rankings with the search engines and drive traffic to their sites. They are wasting their time as the search engines probably factor this idiotic behavior into their ranking formulas. I'm doing my part by intercepting the spammers before they post their crappy links in my guestbook. I do this by manually updating my guestbook. Unfortunately, the spammers are too stupid to realize this and submit their spam links anyway. Fortunately, they are so obvious that I am able to delete over 95 percent of them without ever opening them!

-- The Compleat Heretic

anna wrote on 19 March 2007, 14:40:52 EDT
My E-mail:
My Location (City, State, etc.): kuala lumpur malaysia

excellent site interesting information cool guestbook... i really like your stuff. keep it up.

Renee Katz wrote on 15 March 2007, 01:12:58 EDT
My E-mail:
My URL: http://thebaron.comicgenesis.com
My Location (City, State, etc.): FL
How did you find me?: Google.
Do you like my site?: Yes.
Will you visit again?: Maybe.
Will you recommend site to others?: Sure!
Do you think I'm insane?: Nah!

Being a conservative and an atheist must be interesting. I hope you are more well-received by fellow conservatives than the tolerant, open-minded, shining examples of humanity in the Hate Mail section.

Derek wrote on 9 March 2007, 18:07:16 EST
How did you find me?: google
Do you like my site?: yes sir
Will you visit again?: yep
Will you recommend site to others?: will do
Do you think I'm insane?: naturally

Great reading - will be back tomorrow to read more.

Antone L. Labarba wrote on 28 February 2007, 07:58:28 EST
My E-mail:
My Location (City, State, etc.): USA

[No commentary was offered by signer. -- The Compleat Heretic]

sidharth mohanty wrote on 20 February 2007, 00:23:21 EST
My E-mail:
My URL: not applicable
How did you find me?: from google
Do you like my site?: yes
Will you visit again?: yes
Will you recommend site to others?: yes
Do you think I'm insane?: no

it is a good site

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